You must remove the protective film on fluorescent tubes before installation. Do not mount forcefully, as this may damage the contacts or malfunction. Test lighting before final installation in the ceiling. It is recommended to consult an electrician to ensure that your electrical setup is adequate.

Step 1

The entire light structure must be mounted on the floor before installation. If your kit contains an edge, construct it first. If not, skip to step 3.

Connect the longer light tubes with straight and 90 degree connectors to make the edge. Make sure the tubes are carefully inserted all the way into the connectors.

Step 2

Use a T connector in the last corner of the border where a cable connects and connects to the power supply.

Step 3

Then construct each hexagon shape into columns by connecting fluorescent tubes with the elbow and Y-connectors to create the desired pattern.

Step 4

Place the open-ended Y-connectors outside the hexagons where the cable connects and connects to the power supply. The number of cables needed depends on the size and quantity of fluorescent tubes (1 cable per 50-60 tubes 0.44 mm). Our standard Hexagon kits usually require 2 cables connected at opposite corners.

Step 5

Connect cables to 100-240V power supply and test before final ceiling assembly. Red: Live / Blue: Neutral / Yellow: Ground soil. If you are unsure how to connect the power, we recommend consulting an electrician before proceeding.

Step 6

Raise and install to the ceiling as a whole or in sections. Hang with screws through connecting holes (preferred method), hang with wire or fasten with zips. Connect the power supply when it is installed in the ceiling.

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How are the lights installed?

Our kits consist of plug-and-play connectors and all the hardware to attach to your roof, and power cables to attach to your electrical. Check out our installation page for a demonstration.

Will the lights come fully built?

No, each kit comes unassembled with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction manual.

Can the lights be dimmed?

Our lights can be dimmed.
But also has without dimmable.

How heavy are the lights?

Our lights are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and polycarbonate materials, making them extremely lightweight and easy to handle.